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City of Malden Crime Index

Malden Crime Index

Since 2018, Malden city has recorded a decline in crime rates. In 2019, Malden city reported 1,699 total offenses, an estimated 2,797 crimes per 100,000 people, accounting for a 3.8% drop from the previous year. The city police reported :

  • 162 violent crimes
    • Murder - There was only 1 reported homicide in 2019, the same count with 2018.
    • Rape - There were 9 reported cases of rape, otherwise known as sexual battery, and a 17% clearance rate. This data indicates a 5.26% decline from the previous year.
    • Robbery - There were 26 recorded robberies, representing a 25% drop from the previous year
    • Aggravated Assaults - 134 reported cases of aggravated assaults in 2019, representing an estimated 4.29% drop compared to 2018.
  • 774 property crimes
    • Burglary - There were 106 burglaries in 2019, a 36.7% surge from the previous year
    • Larceny- 570 reported cases in 2019, representing a 33.3% increase from 2018.
    • Motor vehicle thefts - 98 motor vehicle thefts, a 24.5% increase from the previous year.
    • Arson - There was no record of arson in 2019.
  • Crime against society accounted for about 18% of the total count.
  • Traffic Crime -
    • DUI/OUI/OWI/DWI - There were six OUI arrests in 2019, a 14.29% decline compared to 2018.

The Crime Analysis Unit is responsible for verifying the police department’s information to identify crime trends and hot spots. This information includes police arrest reports, incident reports, field encounters, calls for service, and intel received from other agencies. The Crime Analysis Unit provides the data it generates to the rest of the police department, where they use it to develop strategies to tackle crime and issues relating to the resident’s quality of life.

Malden City District Court

The Malden District Court hears criminal, civil, housing, juvenile, mental health, and other types of cases. The District Court presides over civil and criminal matters, including residential property and activities affecting their use. The courthouse is located at:

City of Malden District court

4040 Mystic Valley Parkway

Medford, MA 02155

Phone: (781) 322-7500 
Email: cmmaldendc@jud.state.ma.us

Judges assigned to the Malden District are nominated by the governor with assistance from a nominating commission and confirmed by the Governor's Council in Massachusetts. They serve until age 70. District court judges receive temporary assignments to specific geographic jurisdictions, and those assignments may be different each time.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the court mostly holds sessions virtually and receives inquiries by email or telephone. The court may hear specified matters by video conference and provide limited in-person services in any of the staff offices for essential matters that require in-person visits to the court. Court visitors are required to follow strict health guidelines.

Few things to note before visiting the courthouse:

  • Ensure to self-screen before going to court to check for any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Make an appointment to facilitate the visit.
  • Always wear a mask in the courthouse and observe social distancing.
  • Court officials will limit the number of people in the courthouse or any specific area around the building to ensure social distancing.

Northeast Housing Court - Woburn Session

The Northeast Housing Court mostly handles matters related to health, welfare, and real property. Including issues that stem from local and state ordinance violations, the safety of property occupants, owners, and the welfare of the community. The court shares jurisdiction to hear some criminal and civil cases with other trial courts in Middlesex County.

On Fridays, the court is in session at

200 Trade Center

Courtroom 540 - 5th Floor

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: (978) 689-7833

On other days, the court holds sessions at:

Northeast Housing Court - Lawrence Session

Fenton Judicial Center

2 Appleton Street

Lawrence, MA 01840

Phone: (978) 689-7833

Email: NortheastHousingCourt@jud.state.ma.us

Northeast Housing courthouse in Woburn performs most of its operations virtually, by phone, email, or video conference. If needed at the courthouse, here are important things to note. Visitors are required to follow the necessary COVID-19 protocols when visiting the court.

Cambridge Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court in Cambridge serves the City of Malden. It has general jurisdiction over guardianship matters, child protection, youthful offender cases, and some adult criminal cases that involve juveniles.

The court opens on weekdays, 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

121 3rd Street

Cambridge, MA 02141

Phone: (617) 494-4100

Email: middlesex-jccallctr@jud.state.ma.us

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cambridge Juvenile Court conducts most of its businesses online, phone, or video conference. However, parties mandated to appear in person are required to follow the necessary health guidelines.

Middlesex Probate and Family Court South - Woburn

The Middlesex Probate and Family Court in Woburn has jurisdiction over probate matters, adoption, abuse prevention, and guardianship cases. Typical cases include divorce, affirmation or annulment of marriage, child custody, paternity, abuse prevention, child support, the probate of wills, termination of parental rights, administration of estates, and name changes. The court opens Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

10-U Commerce Way

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: (781) 939-2700

Email: Middlesex.clerksoffice@jud.state.ma.us

The Middlesex Probate and Family Court follows state COVID-19 protocols and receives visitors, strictly on appointment. It conducts most of its sessions virtually, by email, phone, or videoconference.

Middlesex County Superior Court

The Middlesex County Superior Court has the general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases in the county, especially those beyond other county courts’ jurisdiction, such as high-degree felonies or offenses with a possible jail sentence of up to five years. The court has sole jurisdiction to hear first-degree murder cases and generally hears civil claims for damages above $25,000, some real estate disputes, and litigation against the state. Court hours are Mondays to Fridays, between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Middlesex County Superior Court

200 Trade Center

2nd Floor

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: (781) 939-2700

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Middlesex County Superior Court in Woburn performs most of its activities virtually and permits limited in-person appearance when necessary with strict requirements for compliance to health protocols in line with COVID- 19 guidelines.

Salter School - Malden Campus

The Salter School, Malden campus reported two robbery cases in 2017, both incidents occurred off-campus. Compared to the previous three years, the campus had three, two, and six total crime incidents in 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively. Also, the school has only reported one on-campus crime since 2014; an aggravated assault. The Salter School is a proprietary vocational school with campuses across the country.

2 Florence Street

Malden, MA 02148